Serialized Fiction on Kindle Vella

SPOM Cellphone coverShadow Patterns of Melt – Book 1

With 400 planets staked and 30 in early gration, physics-savant Nialla and comms-genius Bishr want nothing more than to jump wormholes from system to system — to live and work and laugh and love in their own ship. But their inadvertent discovery, accomplished parents, and interstellar history itself cast shadow patterns across humankind’s future independence in space.

New worlds? New words! Here’s a SPOM Glossary.

Book One (Episodes 1-41) is now available in paperback and on Kindle!

Bright Shining cell 3DBright Shining as the Sun

Miracle or delusion? Overcome during a sermon by the voice of God, world-weary Jake McGeary questions his mental health when he foretells miracles. When a miracle does happen, he doesn’t know what to believe. As the press sensationalizes Jake’s predictions, all hell breaks loose. Will another miracle bless their community? Or will skepticism, fear, and an irresponsible media smother love and faith?

Circle Beyond Cell 3DCircle Beyond

Watch for Circle Beyond in 2023!

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