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(Shadow Patterns of Melt is a few rows down.)

Shadow Patterns of Melt–Author’s Note Episode 2–Dishes

Episode 2 Dishes:

While fully automated or remotely controlled repairs to the exterior of a space craft are logical, I decided that characters who sought out the opportunity to live in space would likely take every opportunity to spacewalk–that they would relish that low swoop in your belly when “floating the dog” in a small aircraft. I know I do! Further, I also think that slimmed-down space suits would have evolved such that their control when outside a ship would be more akin to flying. While it might be wise to use a tether, spacers such as Nialla and Bishr choose to enjoy weightlessness and are comfortably, even gleefully, in control. Hooah!

Shadow Patterns of Melt

Author Notes

Kindle Vella Episode 1–Ejecta: During a tranquil early morning hike in Yellowstone, I enjoyed how the frost on the wooden walkways melted in a distinct pattern, with the railing shadows hiding the frost from the sun. Like a mantra, and in cadence with my steps, I found myself murmuring “shadow patterns of melt.” That very night, the characters and story concept knocked on my dreams. Bishr and Nialla have been with me ever since, and I hope you enjoy getting acquainted.

Photo by Richard Fogg