Tales from the 359th Fighter Group

Proofs should arrive on Wednesday. This one’s been underway for a long time!

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Lake Scene

an duk II

Photo by Richard Fogg

For a moment let’s not consider
the beauty of the mallard
paddling, paddling on the lake.
Overlook her iridescent shawl
shimmering green like a silk kimono;
ignore her resplendent composure
as she drifts in splendor
like Cleopatra’s barge.
Disregard her breast, chestnut hued,
a mahogany bib,
and think nothing of her hind-feathers
like soft gray cumulus clouds.
Concentrate instead on the wake,
the silver trail left behind
as she’s paddling, paddling on the lake.
Take note of reflections,
the expanse of water, the trees,
bordering the water. The sky—
and its reflection.

Now, close your eyes
and consider the beauty
of the bird itself

~ Lake Scene with Ducks by Sonny Rainshine