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A whisper of warmth

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Photo by Richard Fogg

The geese are finding their voices.
Broken cackles
on dark mornings.
A restlessness for the North.
And hidden shoots
unfurl in freedom.
Called into being
by a whisper of warmth.
The long night closes,
as a faint light
streaks the dawn.
And my broken voice
sings once more.
~ Lyn McCrave


Leaving in the water

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Photo by Richard Fogg

leaving in the water
rippled sky
~ Penny Harter


Always Somewhere

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Photo by Richard Fogg


Somewhere always is an everywhere
Where the mountains and the snow grow down
In time, until, in winter’s deep sleep, time
Grows balanced, and in quiet you can climb
A mountain and the snow no one can own
Because in afternoon sunshine, time’s there.
~ David Rothman