The Object

(ready to option) by Richard Fogg and Janet Fogg

Excavation of a 65 million year old cylinder fulfills Major James Lockhart’s life-long ambition – he’s found proof of alien life. One of mankind’s ultimate dreams is finally attainable, but at what price? Another long-held dream must be sacrificed – one for the other – unless Lockhart unravels the secret of The Object!


No One Asked the River

(ready to option) by Karen Albright Lin and Janet Fogg

An American archeologist unearths an artifact from 300BC, releasing an ancient water god and the vengeance of the Yangtze River.

  • Pikes Peak Writers Contest – 2nd Place in Screenplays
  • Southwest Writers Conference Contest – Finalist
  • Moondance Festival Screenplay Contest – Semi-Finalist
  • All She Wrote Contest – Top 100



(ready to option) by Janet Fogg and Karen Albright Lin

In the year 2046, the earth’s future depends on one woman finding the cryogenically preserved head of her scientist grandfather.

  • Pikes Peak Writers Contest – 1st Place in Screenplays



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