SPOM 1 3DShadow Patterns of Melt – Book One 

Very original! The characters are not Space Force or military like most sci fi stories, but normal (for their time) and not cartoonish as many blockbuster movies are. Language has evolved slightly as would happen over the years. Recommended for readers looking for a more serious story.” ~ Kindle Customer

With four hundred planets staked and thirty in early gration, physics-savant Nialla and comms-genius Bishr want nothing more than to jump wormholes from system to system — to live and work and laugh and love in their own ship. But their inadvertent discovery, accomplished parents, and interstellar history itself cast shadow patterns across humankind’s future independence in space.

New worlds? New words! Here’s a SPOM Glossary.

Originally published in serial form on Kindle Vella. Author’s Notes are included in the Back Matter.

3D SoliloquySoliloquy

HOLT Medallion Award of Merit 

You’ll be hooked from page one of this mesmerizing tale, which uses a beguiling method of transport to the past. ~ D. M. Brown, RT Book Reviews

A tale of passion — of heroes, hope, and the consequences of creating extraordinary music amidst the dark nights of war.

Serenade 3DA Serenade to Die For

A Serenade to Die For starts out with a bang and continues from there. The story sucks you in and doesn’t let go. ~ Love4Books

A sultry singer. Her hunky ex-boyfriend. A kidnapped father. His priceless Aztec sword. The chase is on!

MA Voodoo 3DMisfortune Annie and the Voodoo Curse

At last, a western for teenagers! A brisk, exciting mix of gunslinging and voodoo magic. Very enjoyable. ~ A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

When Misfortune Annie’s fellow Secret Service agent is seen torching his family’s plantation, Annie knows black magic is afoot. Rumor has it a cruel voodoo necromancer has returned to New Orleans to locate the ill-famed Idol of the Necropolis — an artifact that can raise the dead.

MA Loco 3DMisfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper

2nd Place: 2017 International Digital Awards OKRWA

Meet Annabelle Fortune, an 1880s cowgirl tougher than Calamity Jane!

The plot is inspired, the characters are well defined and believable, and the action is fast paced…most highly recommended. ~ Jack Magnus / Readers’ Favorite. 

Trail Winds 3DTrail Winds

Five short etiological tales.

Trail Winds reminds me of “Mother West Wind’s How Stories” and of course Kipling’s “Just So Stories”. But these have a very western, American flavor.  Karen S. D. Robinson


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