rene-this-one-copyA Manifest Spirit

The 359th Fighter Group 1943-1945

(Scheduled for release in 2017!)

The role of the 359th Fighter Group in the World War II general air war strategy was to maintain and operate its fighter aircraft against the enemy for a three-fold purpose:

  • To provide escort and support to the huge formations of S. bombers striking at strategic and tactical targets within Germany and Nazi-occupied countries of Europe.
  • To destroy the German Air Forces, both in aerial engagements and by low-level attacks on enemy airdromes.
  • To furnish close support to advancing Allied troops by strafing and dive-bombing enemy rail and motor transport, equipment and personnel, and by flying offensive patrols over the battle lines.

This is an account of the 359th Fighter Group and its ground-support teams, as reported primarily by Captain Wilbur C. Ziegler, Ch.C., station chaplain, and Captain Maurice F. X. Donohue, intelligence officer and group historian. Eloquent writers both, their vivid accounts capture life on the East Wretham station, as do the over 400 photos included in the book, supplemented by documents such as Pilots’ Personal Encounter Reports, Escape and Evasion Reports, Press Releases, and Excerpts from Squadron reports.

Fogg in the CockpitFogg in the Cockpit

Howard Fogg – Master Railroad Artist, World War II Fighter Pilot by Richard and Janet Fogg

Nominated in 2012 by the Air Force Historical Foundation for best WWII book reviewed in Air Power History

“As an ex-fighter pilot I read the book with great anticipation and was rewarded with a gem.” ~ Rene Burtner, 369th Fighter Squadron Leader, 359th Fighter Group

“Fogg’s uncensored insights into the day-to-day routine of a typical fighter pilot offer an informative perspective. To provide some historical context for the layperson, the Foggs briefly interject significant events elsewhere in the world. The historical summaries and morale reports provide a point of view on a grander scale.” ~ Lt. Col. Steve Ellis, USAFR (Ret.), Docent, Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington.

Prior to his distinguished career that saw him referred to as the dean of American railroad artists, Captain Howard Fogg kept a diary during his World War II combat tour in England. He flew 76 missions with the 359th Fighter Group in both bomber escort and ground attack roles.

From his backstage encounter in a London theater with Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, to the pre-dawn chaplain’s benediction on June 6, 1944, to a mission escorting B-17s flying down a valley in the snow capped French Alps as they dropped supplies to French freedom fighters, Fogg in the Cockpit offers a first hand look at Howard’s fascinating and often unexpected story.

Smash cover copyThe Smile of an Angel

a short essay

A cherished memory of my mother and our Christmas tree.





Heart coverHeart of Christmas

an ebook anthology

Included in this anthology is The Smile of an Angel by Janet Fogg, a story about Janet and her mother.  A 1943 story from the 359th Fighter Group’s archives, My Most Memorable Christmas by Sgt. James Underwood, was also selected for inclusion!

Heart of Christmas celebrates a blessed time of year with lighthearted tales of friends and family, beautiful poems, quotations, and some favorite yuletide songs.

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