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3D SoliloquySoliloquy

HOLT Medallion Award of Merit 

You’ll be hooked from page one of this mesmerizing tale, which uses a beguiling method of transport to the past. The prose is smooth and satisfying, and the characters come alive. Passion and promise fill the pages, as well as fear and deception. ~ Donna M. Brown, RT Book Reviews

A tale of passion—of heroes, hope, and the consequences of creating extraordinary music amidst the dark nights of war.

Swept back in time to Nazi-held France, concert pianist and composer Erin Meyer protects members of the Resistance by ghost-writing music for an influential German officer. She’s now performing for her life. Caught in a maze of betrayal and death, Erin rescues a downed British pilot and helps him evade capture. It seems impossible, but she recognizes Arick from her own life and time. Erin’s attraction to Arick could prove deadly as the German officer who holds the key to Erin’s return demands more than she is willing to give. For Erin, time is running out.

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Serenade 3D

A Serenade to Die For

A Serenade to Die For starts out with a bang and continues from there. The story sucks you in and doesn’t let go. ~ Love4Books

This writing team delivered a zip-line of a thriller and an unexpected but perfect end that made me eager to read the sequel that was hinted at. ~ Karen Lin

On the verge of her long-sought career breakthrough, singer Isbel Vargas has just completed the performance of a lifetime when a kidnapper demands a ransom for her father. Thanks to his car theft and antiquities operation, her father will be arrested if she involves the Acapulco police. Who can she turn to?

Isbel’s ex-boyfriend, Cane Mullins, is once again south of the border, purportedly tracking down his beloved Camaro, a vintage street rod stolen years before by her father. Cane gets more than he bargains for, though, when he again crosses paths with the exquisite singer. Chased at high speed through the Sierra Madres, the former lovers search for Isbel’s father and a priceless sword he has hidden away, the sole surviving Aztec maquahuitl, while sparks fly and passion reignites. But can Isbel trust Cane again…with her heart?

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MA Voodoo 3DMisfortune Annie and the Voodoo Curse

At last, a western for teenagers! A brisk, exciting mix of gunslinging and voodoo magic. Very enjoyable. ~ A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

When Misfortune Annie’s fellow Secret Service agent is seen torching his family’s plantation, Annie knows black magic is afoot. Rumor has it a cruel voodoo necromancer has returned to New Orleans to locate the ill-famed Idol of the Necropolis—an artifact that can raise the dead.

Annie and her Cheyenne friend Wontoa are sent to track down their partner and break the voodoo curse. It won’t be easy. The swamps surrounding the warlock’s temple crawl with man-eaters and the supernatural, and if the fiend gets his clutches on the Idol of the Necropolis, Annie will need more than her quick draw to make it out alive!

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MA Loco 3DMisfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper

2nd Place: 2017 International Digital Awards OKRWA
Finalist: The 2017 Wishing Shelf Book Awards

I Absolutely LOVED Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper! ~ Hott Books

The plot is inspired, the characters are well defined and believable, and the action is fast-paced. Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper is most highly recommended. ~ Jack Magnus / Readers’ Favorite

When Annabelle Fortune, the fastest gunslinger in the wild west, inadvertently stops a stranger from attacking a train — and he wears a suit that enables him to fly! — the government believes she’s the only one to have seen the Locomotive Reaper and survived to tell the tale. Promising to find out what he can about her missing father, the Director of the Secret Service persuades Annie to swear in. Too soon, her detested nickname re-stakes its claim. Partnered with Beau Slokam, whose penchant for gambling leads them straight to the Doom Gang, Misfortune Annie guides the smooth-talking Southerner in a chase through the Rockies, with her Cheyenne friend, Wontoa, rounding out their unlikely trio. When Annie again meets the Reaper, his gadgetry proves far more advanced — and deadly — than even top scientists imagined!

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Trail Winds 3DTrail Winds

Trail Winds reminds me of “Mother West Wind’s How Stories” and of course Kipling’s “Just So Stories”. But these have a very western, American flavor. Learn how the first redwing blackbird got his red wings and how the yellow-headed blackbird got his yellow head, and other origin stories. These would make good read-aloud stories. ~ Karen S. D. Robinson

In Trail Winds you’ll find fanciful tales of how five natural phenomena came to be.

Visit Splitwing, the first Red-winged blackbird, to learn how this brave bird earned his red shoulders and yellow wing bars. Share in Jackarack’s adventure as he strives for simple respect, and instead changes his own life. Then there’s Hecoya and his fellow coyotes. Why do they really howl to the moon? What of tumbleweeds? Do they enjoy leaping into the sky? Find out in Tumbledance. And lastly, visit Jasper and his friends to discover why the fruit of the prickly pear cactus is blood red.

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Armed and Dangerous 3DArmed and Dangerous: Chapter Samples

Lethal Refuge by Vonnie Hughes
Iron Cop by Sally Booth
Proving Ground by Stanalei Fletcher
On The Surface by Margo Hoornstra
A Serenade to Die For by Janet Fogg & David Jackson
Wounded At The Lake by Mitzi Pool Bridges
Caged Souls by Gina Leuci
Keeping Hope Alive by Fran McNabb                                                            Broken Ties by Gloria Davidson Marlow                                                        Peril, Passion, Peru by Eve Drew Crook


Screenplays Available to Option:


The ObjectThe Object

by Richard Fogg and Janet Fogg

Excavation of a 65 million year old cylinder fulfills Major James Lockhart’s life-long ambition –he’s found proof of alien life. One of mankind’s ultimate dreams is finally attainable, but at what price? Another long-held dream must be sacrificed – one for the other – unless Lockhart unravels the secret of The Object!

WaveNo One Asked the River

by Karen Albright Lin and Janet Fogg

An American archeologist unearths an artifact from 300BC, releasing an ancient water god and the vengeance of the Yangtze River. “Much like Night of the Living DeadNo One Asked the River catches your attention, creates intrigue, is creepy, moves quickly, and breaks many Hollywood clichés.” ~ Hollywood Coverage


by Janet Fogg and Karen Albright Lin

In the year 2046, the earth suffers terribly. A depleted ozone layer and global warming have pushed all life to the brink. The race is on! Who will find the cryogenically preserved head of the scientist who can save the world? His granddaughter? Agents of the United States? Or a Private Corporation bent on the ultimate black-mail?

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