One reason

“One reason why birds and horses are happy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Photo by Richard Fogg

Softened by the mist

“Trees--a masterpiece created in the mist
beauty so fragile and soon dismissed
by the fogs dispelling
a beauty--fragile and compelling
trees--softened by the mist.”
~ Virginia Lodgson
Photo by Richard Fogg

All the secrets in the world

“All the secrets in the world worth knowing are hiding in plain sight.” ~ Robin Sloan

Photo by Richard Fogg

The power of the Sun

“Today, in directly harnessing the power of the Sun, we’re taking the energy that God gave us, the most renewable energy that we will ever see…” ~ Jimmy Carter.

Photo by Richard Fogg

Looking back at me

“Up above my head,
Where the clouds run free,
The sky is there 
looking back at me…”
~ Gabrielle Greene
Photo by Richard Fogg

Older and greater and deeper

“A weird, lovely, fantastic object out of nature like Delicate Arch has the curious ability to remind us – like rock and sunlight and wind and wildflowers – that out there is a different world, older and greater and deeper by far than ours, a world which sustains the little world of man as sea and sky surround and sustain a ship. For a little while we are again able to see, as the child sees, a world of marvels. For a few moments we discover that nothing can be taken for granted, for if this ring of stone is marvelous, then all which shaped it is marvelous, and our journey here on Earth, able to see and touch and hear in the midst of tangible and mysterious things-in-themselves, is the most strange and daring of all adventures.” ~ Edward Abbey

Photo by Richard Fogg

The wind shrills forth

“The wind shrills forth 
From the white cold North 
Where the gates of the Storm-god are; 
And ragged clouds, 
Like mantling shrouds,
Engulf the last, dim star.” 

~ William D. Hodjkiss.

Photo by Richard Fogg


"migrating geese
i leave my poem
~ Shloka Shanka
Photo by Richard Fogg

Too close to the sun

Advice from a waterfall

Let your cares fall away. Create your own music. Make a splash. Roar with excitement!

Photo by Richard Fogg