359th Fighter Group


I manage the 359th Fighter Group’s Facebook page, sharing stories and photos  about the men who served with the Group. The page currently sees about 4,400 visitors a week and is growing.  Please join us!

My second book, Fogg in the Cockpit (Casemate), a military history I co-wrote with husband Richard, earned one of five nominations by the Air Force Historical Society for best WWII book reviewed in Air Power History.

With Charlotte Baldridge ever in our hearts, my husband, Richard, and I  published A Manifest Spirit: The 359th Fighter Group 1943-1945 on 6 June 2017.

Manifest front cover A Manifest Spirit is a tribute to the officers that gave the 359th Fighter Group its organization and direction, the enlisted men who made it work, and above all the pilots, 121 of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom during WWII.

Relying not on recollections rendered imprecise by the passage of time, or secondhand reports which inevitably lose context, A Manifest Spirit instead presents observations from the group historian, base chaplain, and the fighter pilots themselves, recorded as they occurred during the conflict.









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